Hi everyone, welcome to Get Your Gainz blog! I created this blog simply for one purpose: to share my love for fitness. But for me, fitness does not pertain to just the body. Fitness is balance in the mind,body, heart, and soul. Keeping your body strong, your mind sharp, your heart happy, and your soul free. This quote pretty much says it all.

“Not a diet, a lifestyle. Not for him, for me. Not for a day, but everyday. Not to feel good in a dress, but to feel good in my skin. Not for the beach, but for my mind. Not for a competition, but for THE competition I have created FOR myself, BY myself, to become a better version OF myself. Every. Single. Day.”

-I am not sure who the author is but that is the realist shit I have ever read. To me, when I am at the gym, I’m there to beat the competition I set for myself the previous day. Everyone else is irrelevant. There will always be someone stronger than you, more ripped, all you can do is focus on yourself to make yourself better. And that motto has followed me through every facet of my life.

The biggest hurdle in you being able to accomplish anything is your own mind. So beat it. Make the “eat clean, train dirty,” motto a lifestyle, like brushing your teeth everyday, and that, my friends, is how you get your gainz.

Now that we have an understanding of each other, check out the rest of the blog & enjoy!


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