Ok, here is the ultimate vacation workout. Ready?



I recently went on my first vacation in five years. FIVE. And what I realized when I was on vacation was how out of touch I was with everything. Nature, myself, my mind, everything. I went to Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. And prior to my trip, I was so bummed because I was thinking, “Ten days without one lift? I’m gonna go crazy. Maybe I can lift big boulders or something, maybe swim across a lake.” Granted I did a lot of walking (so much cardio) but I had never been happier not lifting one thing.

Here’s the thing. When you are on vacation, you are on VACATION. That means you are taking a break from everything in your day to day schedule, things that are part of your lifestyle. And yes, I love lifting—the gym is a part of my daily lifestyle; but so is eating clean, teaching my students, training my clients, and helping my family. When I went on vacation, my only job there was to be relaxed—not to check my phone, my emails, worry about gainz I was gonna lose in the ten days I was gone, none of that. And that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t send a bunch of snap chats to people, I wasn’t listening to a ton of music, I wasn’t worried how much sugar and fat was in the food ate, I wasn’t on my phone, I was just me in the moment. And I think a huge part of that was because I was near so much nature. I chose to feel the sun instead of bitch about the fact I was getting tan (I’m brown, we wanna add to our natural tan as least as possible). I would feel the rush of the current against my legs and the jagged edges of the rocks at the waterfalls I went to; I inhaled the beautiful air that was around me, and I was like damn. I’m really living right now. And not once did I miss the gym, because in that moment the world was my playground. I literally let myself go–let my structure and daily regimen with everything in my life go. And I don’t think I have ever been so happy. I gave ZERO FUCKS. And I have never felt so free.

Don’t get me wrong, when I came back I was so excited to get back to the gym. Because I took this break and my body got to chill for a bit, I came back in the gym three times stronger. I just feel so refreshed, and energized, as if I am having my first cup of coffee ever when I hit the gym. I can’t stress enough the importance of chilling from social media as well on vacation. Turn your phone off, take mental pictures for your damn self and not people on Instagram who don’t even know you, and furthermore, just be so happy that you get to be in this moment. Vacation is truly a blessing, don’t waste it on superficial shit. Don’t be worried about the perfect picture or making sure your body looks perfect. Worry about not wasting a second of living in that moment. You should live your life like that too, but real life poses significantly more challenges than vacation, so Imma be more realistic about that. So next time you are on vacay—eat the delicious fatty pastry, put your phone away, laugh at silly things, meet new people, feel the air, and have a fucking awesome vacation.


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