ABS-olute must know’s for a strong core

Hi guys! Today I want to focus on our core. In today’s society, I think that it’s all about the flat but toned stomach. However, I have always thought the core was so much more than its aesthetic appeal. The core is the powerhouse for our body. The lower core protects your lower back and … Continue reading ABS-olute must know’s for a strong core


Trainer Tips

Thinking of becoming a trainer? Here are some tips I have for future trainers. Tips for future trainers Find your specialty. When you study to be a trainer, you are tested on your knowledge of anatomy, biology, training models, etc. but you learn about all different areas of fitness (flexibility, strength training, weight loss, improving … Continue reading Trainer Tips

Period Talk

Focus: Periods Ok ladies and gentlemen, this blog post’s discussion is something that is not the most comfortable to talk about, but pretty important. Ah, good ol’ periods, the most pleasant time of the month as graced by mother earth. The glorious cramps, unconditional crying for no reason, cravings that make no sense, and of … Continue reading Period Talk